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How to choose the right 1235 aluminum foil ?

1235 aluminum foil is a widely used high-purity aluminum foil, which can be made into household foil, flexible package foil, pharmaceutical foil, tape foil, electronic foil.

Embossed aluminum foil for wrapping chocolate

Why wrap aluminum foil around door knob when alone?

Wrap foil around door knob when alone serves two primary purposes. Firstly, it enhances security when you are alone by safeguarding against potential threats through meticulous observation of details. Secondly, it aids in static electricity elimination.

Wrap aluminum foil around door knob

Why 3104 H19 aluminum is used to make can body?

3104 H19 aluminum alloy has good deep punching performance and processing ductility, good stability in stamping, and the tempering of H19 also makes aluminum cans have certain strength, so 3104 H19 aluminum alloy is suitable for cans body.

aluminum can body

How is 4×8 aluminum sheet produced?

4x8 aluminum sheet is made from annealed aluminum coils cut to 4 feet x 8 feet size, and we strictly control the dimensional error during production.

Hot rolled aluminum sheet
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