Knowledge base of various alloy aluminum sheets, aluminum coils, aluminum circles, aluminum foils, aluminum veneers

3003 aluminum plate VS 3004 aluminum plate

3003 alloy plate is the most commonly used product. 3004 aluminum plate has higher strength than 3003 alloy sheet, 3004 aluminum sheet has higher magnesium content than 3003.

3003 h14 aluminum sheet

How to use aluminium foil?

Aluminum foil can be seen almost everywhere in life. Such as container foil for meals, blister packaging for medicines, aluminum foil composite packaging bags, etc.

0.25 aluminum coil

What is the 6063 aluminum sheet?

Aluminium alloy 6063 is a medium strength alloy. 6063 aluminum sheet has a good surface finish, high corrosion resistance, is readily suited to welding and can be easily anodized.

3mm aa1050 h14 aluminum sheet
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