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How much is a sheet of aluminum?

Want to know how much you should expect to pay for an aluminum sheet? Understand the cost composition of aluminum plates and factors affecting the price of aluminum plates from the content, and why Tigers Aluminum is a trusted supplier.

6061 t6 aluminum plate

How to Cut Aluminum Sheet?

This comprehensive guide from Tigers Aluminum provides a step-by-step process on how to cut aluminum sheet accurately and safely. Includes tips for best results and emphasizes the importance of wearing protective gear when cutting.

cut aluminum sheet

How to produce 8021 aluminum foil?

The manufacturing process of 8021 aluminum foil includes multiple steps such as casting, rolling, annealing, and slitting. 8021 aluminum foil is widely used in packaging, medicine, battery and other industries.

8079 aluminum foil production

How Thick is Aluminum Foil ?

If you’ve ever used aluminum foil in your kitchen, you might have wondered just how thick it is. Is it measure ...

Caliper to measure aluminum foil thickness

How to Use Aluminum Foil ?

If you\'re new to using aluminum foil, you might be wondering how to get the most out of this versatile kitche ...

Wrap chicken thighs in aluminum foil

What Side of Aluminum Foil Do You Use?

Aluminum foil production process results in a shiny and dull side of the foil, both sides are equally effective at conducting heat and preventing moisture loss, so either side of the foil will work.

Thick heavy duty aluminum foil
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