Perforated aluminium

Perforated aluminium sheet is to use CNC punching machine to punch holes of different shapes and sizes on the aluminum sheet, so as to combine different shapes.

What is perforated aluminium sheet?

The perforated aluminium sheet is the use of CNC punching machine or CNC engraving machine to punch or drill holes of different shapes and sizes in the aluminum sheet to combine different shapes and provide an aesthetic appeal.

Aluminium Perforated Sheet is a product that is made from aluminium sheet metal.

perforated aluminum plate combination

perforated aluminium plate combination - round hole


Video of laser engraving machine producing perforated aluminium sheet

Perforated aluminum sheet size

Aluminum perforated sheet metal is available with various hole sizes, staggers, and sheet thickness, the most commonly used is a staggered hole pattern which comes in full and cut sheet sizes ready to go. Perforated sheets can range from light to heavy gauge thickness.

perforated aluminum sheet

perforated aluminium sheet

The aluminium perforated sheets with a thickness of 2mm and size 4x8' is also a frequently used model, and we have some models in stock.

Perforated aluminium is available in a nearly endless combination of hole sizes, spacing, and open space percentages to complement virtually any architectural design or need.

Perforated aluminium sheet advantage:

Perforated sheets are lightweight, durable, and corrosion resistant with perforations to allow ventilation, drainage, and the passage of light, air, and moisture.

perforated aluminum plate weldin2

perforated aluminum plate welding

Video of worker grinding perforated aluminum panel

Where to buy perforated aluminum metal

Tigers Aluminum is a powerful perforated aluminium sheet and veneer  supplier, wholesale,e and manufacturer in China. The punching equipment includes 6 CNC turret punching machines, one large laser cutting machine, and 8 CNC cutting machines, which can be produced 24 hours a day, with  High precision.

Tigers aluminum supplies a comprehensive range of perforated aluminium sheets in a choice of hole sizes, pitches, patterns, and sheet thicknesses.

We are a perforated aluminium factory, and we provide you with reasonable prices to ensure your competitiveness in the industry, OEM and ODM support.

Perforated aluminium VS Flat aluminum sheet

Perforated aluminium can provide a contrasting look with any non-perforated metal to create visual interest on any project.

Aluminium perforated sheet VS perforated steel sheet

Aluminium perforated sheet is lighter than both steel and stainless-steel perforated sheet, while offering good corrosion resistance, weldability, and formability.

Application of perforated aluminium sheet

Aluminum perforated sheets are cosmetically appealing and suitable for a wide range of decorative applications.

Perforated Aluminum Sheet is a sheet product that has been punched with a wide variety of hole sizes and patterns . Perforated Aluminium Sheet offers savings in weight, passage of light, liquid, sound and air, while providing a decorative or ornamental effect. Perforated Aluminum Sheets are corrosive resistant and commonly used in interior and exterior design.

Suitable for a variety of applications perforated aluminium sheets are widely used in the automotive industry, interior design and architecture.

Video of CNC engraving machine making perforated aluminium sheet

Typical applications include equipment screens, partitions, sign panels, parking decks, guards, boat, interior acoustical applications and enclosures of any kind.

Perforated aluminum panels can also be used in soffit and continuous soffit vent, gutter guard, grating, boat interior decoration,car grilles , decorative partitions, infill panels, display stands, street furniture and shop fittings, Many ceilings are also decorated with perforated aluminum ceiling panels.

Architects can specify perforated aluminum to diffuse light, air or sound, or simply for architectural flair.

Perforated metal is versatile, in the way that it can have either small or large aesthetically appealing openings. This makes perforated sheet metal ideal for many architectural metal and decorative metal uses. Perforated metal is also an economical choice for your project.


Aluminum products of Tigers meet the export popular.

Plastic movie and brown paper can be protected at customers’ need. Also timber case or timber pallet is adopted to shield products from harm for the duration of the delivery.

There are styles of packaging, which is eye to wall or eye to sky. Customers can choose either of them for their convenience.

There are 2 tons in one package, and loading 18-22 lots in 1×20′ container, and 20-24 tons in 1×40′ container.

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